The Power of the Purple Purse


The FCADV Foundation, Inc. (FCADVF) is honored to be selected to participate in the Allstate Foundation’s Purple Purse Challenge for an opportunity to win $100,000 to support Florida’s 42 certified domestic violence centers! But we need your help.

The Purple Purse Challenge is hosted by Crowdrise and begins October 1st at noon through October 27th at 2:00 PM. This is a unique opportunity for organizations throughout the country to participate in a friendly challenge for a great cause in raising awareness and funds for survivors of domestic violence and their children.

FCADVF’s campaign is entitled “The Power of the Purple Purse”. Please join our team to support survivors of domestic violence and their children as we Build a Foundation of Hope and Safety….Together! It’s easy to join our team, just click here and go to the FUNDRAISE button. You can either log in via Facebook, Twitter or create a Crowdrise account. From there you can load a picture, set your goal and start making a difference in the lives of domestic violence survivors and their children!

Take a peek at the “Power of The Purple Purse” video with drawings by an amazingly creative 10 year old boy – be prepared to be astonished by his talent!

"The People Behind The Power Of The Purple Purse"
The Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence Foundation (FCADVF) is participating in this October’s Allstate Purple Purse Challenge which requires a video be uploaded to each participating organization’s fundraising site to promote the challenge and engage donors. FCADVF came up with the “Power of the Purple Purse” theme and tossed around the idea of alliteration. They wanted a video that reflected the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s serious mission while offering the opportunity for viewers to step into a different, more whimsical world…even if just for a couple of minutes.

FCADVF connected with longtime collaborator Diane Wilkins, owner of Diane Wilkins Productions to share their vision with hopes that she could make it reality.

Diane knew just the person to call to fit FCADVF’s idea for the project: Sean Collins. Sean is the prodigy that created Penelope and her friends that are featured in the video. What’s most interesting about Sean is that he’s only 10 years old! According to Sean’s parents, who are super supportive of his creativity, Sean showed an early interest in art of all kinds: drawing, jewelry-making, and pottery, but his interest in sketching and designing characters blossomed when he took a cartooning class at Tallahassee’s Lafayette Park Arts and Crafts Center from artist Drew Walker. Sean is currently a student at Cornerstone Learning Community in Tallahassee, FL and he plans to be an animator someday. For FCADVF’s Purple Purse project, he sketched all drawings on a tablet using Autodesk Sketchbook software.

Additional members of the video’s creative team included writer Carmy Greenwood and producer Diane Wilkins. When asked what the creative process was like, Diane replied that, “It was a fun project for all of us.” She went on to say that the creative team took FCADVF’s desire for alliteration and the team’s request for humor to develop the script around the concept of the "fairy tale". Diane spoke to Sean about the characters, but gave him leeway to develop their "look" (beyond that Penelope was to wear only purple!). According to Diane, “We all contributed as many words beginning with 'p' as we could!”

FCADVF are grateful for the “People Behind the Purple Purse” and offer a special thanks to Diane Wilkin’s Productions for donated their services to develop and produce the piece which will encourage supporters to donate money to help end domestic violence throughout Florida.



About the FCADV Foundation, Inc

The FCADVF was established in 2012 to secure the long-term sustainability of services for domestic violence survivors and their children by creating a private funding mechanism to support Florida's 42 certified domestic violence centers. While government funding plays a role, it is critical for the private sector to be a key partner in sustaining services to domestic violence survivors and their children. The Foundation's goal is to ensure that domestic violence centers are sustainable beyond government resources so survivors are never without life-saving services such as emergency shelter, crisis counseling, and advocacy. The Foundation will create a private endowment to ensure that these critical direct services and programs are available to survivors of domestic violence and their children as they rebuild their lives. The prevalence of domestic violence in Florida is staggering. In 2014, there were 106,882 domestic violence crimes reported to law enforcement. Last year, centers provided 534,369 nights of emergency shelter to 15,611 survivors escaping a violent home. Many fled with children who represent almost half of those receiving shelter services. In addition, domestic violence advocates received 127,822 hotline calls, distributed 95,955 safety plans, and provided outreach services to 33,697 adults and children.