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The Intimate Violence Enhanced Service Team (InVEST) is a coordinated community response effort intended to reduce the number of intimate partner homicides in each participating county in Florida. InVEST is designed to encourage local law enforcement agencies and their community partners to treat domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking as serious violations of criminal law requiring the coordinated involvement of the entire criminal justice system.  The certified domestic violence center and partnering law enforcement agency enter into a collaborative relationship to simultaneously increase the domestic violence services offered to survivors as well as perpetrator accountability throughout the criminal and civil justice process which includes engaging in daily collaborative reviews of police reports in order to determine potential high risk domestic violence cases and to make contact with survivors to determine if they are interested in participating in the program.  This partnership heavily relies on the commitment of certified domestic violence centers, law enforcement, and other allied partners to establish working relationships and procedures that can best contribute to the reduction of intimate partner homicides in their community. FCADV trains all partners involved in the project including, but not limited to, domestic violence advocates, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, and parole/probation officers to identify high-risk indicators for intimate partner homicide, investigations, and prosecutions of domestic violence perpetrators, and how to engage in survivor-centered practices to create communities of safety.

InVEST Toolkit
The InVEST Toolkit is for InVEST team partners including, but not limited to, domestic violence advocates, law enforcement, health care professionals, prosecutors, and judges. This toolkit includes resources to assist InVEST programs in their work with survivors of domestic violence and their community partners.

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