In 1977 fourteen shelters in Florida formed a network of battered women's advocates known as the Refuge Information Network. Several years later, this same organization was incorporated as the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV). FCADV was founded on principles of cooperation and unity among shelters. Today, FCADV serves as the professional association for Florida's 42 domestic violence centers. The mission of the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence is to work towards ending violence through public awareness, policy development, and support for Florida's domestic violence centers.

FCADV operates Florida's toll-free domestic violence hotline (1-800-500-1119), linking callers to the nearest domestic violence center and provides translation assistance when needed. In addition, FCADV maintains a resource library of books, periodicals, and videos regarding domestic violence issues. FCADV has also developed posters, brochures, safety plans, and other resources. Many of these are available in several languages and may be ordered through FCADV.

FCADV's Training and Technical Assistance Department offers on-site training and technical assistance to domestic violence center staff and other professionals working with domestic violence victims and their children. Should you or your organization require training or technical assistance on domestic violence, please call 1-850-425-2749 or FAX 1-850-425-3091 to request these. FCADV is prepared to provide the assistance directly or link you to an experienced domestic violence professional that will be able to meet your requirements.

FCADV administers state and federal funding earmarked for Florida's 42 certified domestic violence centers. As such, we possess a comprehensive quality assurance department responsible for ensuring both administrative and programmatic standards are achieved. FCADV partners with the certified centers to ensure optimum provision of services to victims of domestic violence and their children.

FCADV serves as the primary voice for victims of domestic violence and their children in the public policy arena. We work closely with the Executive and Legislative branches to create and implement public policy that strengthens penalties for batterers and enhances services for survivors of domestic violence. Through this effort, Florida continues to have some of the strongest domestic violence public policy in the country.

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