Gain Support

Now that you have researched and are well-informed about your topic, it is time to gain support! Tell friends, family members, teachers and other people who you think will be supportive about your idea. Do not be discouraged if you are having trouble getting support; you only need a few key people to help you on your way!

Find an Adult.
Find a teacher that you have a close relationship with or someone you can trust to get support for your idea. To start a club at your school, ask a teacher to hold meetings in their classroom and/or to sponsor your club and serve as an adult advisor. Ask around until you find someone who is willing to help you. If you are starting a club in your community, ask community members to support you by explaining to them what you need from them. For example, do you need meeting space or need their help to talk to others? Be sure to have a plan so that the person knows how to help you. An adult can help you by serving as an advocate or supporter for your club. It is crucial to find someone who is interested in helping you spread awareness and will support your effort

Find Peers.
Other students can also help to support your ideas. Search for people who feel strongly about the topic and want to make a difference. Peers can help motivate you and keep you going. They can also help with some of the work and add their ideas.

Location, Date and Time.
In order for the club to get started, you need to have a location where you can hold your meetings. This could be the classroom of a club advisor at school, the library, the cafeteria, the gym, a local community center, a religious center or wherever you would be comfortable expressing your ideas to others. Once you have a location, setting up a date and time that is convenient for everyone to meet will be your next step in organizing a club. Check out for an easy way to schedule via e-mail with others!


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