Disability Related Training Opportunities

Request onsite training or technical assistance on any of the following topics.

Domestic Violence and a Disability

This workshop explores advocacy for survivors living with a disability to include disability awareness, safety planning for persons living with a disability, barriers to disclosure of abuse, and economic challenges and financial resources.

Creating Accessible Domestic Violence Services

This workshop explores the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and beyond. Discussion will include what the ADA means for DV services and how to exceed these requirements in order to provide services that are accessible to survivors who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or have low-vision, survivors with physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities. All staff are encouraged to attend this training.

Creating Accessible Domestic Violence Services: Online Course

Welcome to FCADV's online course Creating Accessible Domestic Violence Services. This course is designed to train advocates on increasing accessibility of domestic violence services to survivors living with disabilities. Upon completion, domestic violence advocates will receive a certificate for 3 hours of training.

NOTE: This course is designed for the certified domestic violence centers in Florida. Only domestic violence advocates employed by or volunteering at a certified domestic violence center in Florida will receive a certificate of completion.

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Mandated Reporting: Distinguishing, Identifying, and Reporting Child and Vulnerable Adult Abuse

Presentation and discussion of issues related to "What qualifies as child or vulnerable adult abuse?" and when to and not to report. Shelter and CPS/ APS interaction and interventions will be discussed. A significant portion of the training will be devoted to your center's or shelter's unique experiences.

Women Who Are Battered and Living with Mental Health Complexities

Designed to help advocates working with battered women who demonstrate mental health complexities. Information to help advocates understand the multiple issues the survivor faces and development of policies that consider survivor needs will be addressed. This workshop will focus on creating trauma-informed services and making appropriate referrals.

Domestic Violence in Later Life

The intersection of domestic violence and older survivors living with disabilities and poverty will be explored identifying definition, scope and barriers to service. A facilitated discussion will focus on intervention tools and techniques.

Training Healthcare Providers: Advocate's Guide to Presenting Trainings

Resources and information will be presented in this training. Advocates will become familiar with basic components of trainings for healthcare professionals in their community.

Domestic Violence Advocacy for Survivors who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

This workshop explores barriers faced by survivors of domestic violence who are deaf or hard of hearing. Participants receive instruction on usage of their center's TTY how to place and receive relay calls. A discussion is led on building community partnerships.

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