InVEST Program Specialist

The InVEST Program Specialist: possesses at minimum, a Bachelor’s Degree and three years’ experience providing direct services for survivors of domestic violence (DV), or high school/equivalency diploma and four years providing direct services for survivors of DV. The candidate will have knowledge of the root causes of violence against women and oppressed groups, proven training experience, effective facilitation of coordinated community response efforts, knowledge of high risk for homicide indicators and risk assessment practices, and excellent writing and organizational skills.


The Specialist is responsible for training and technical assistance to certified domestic violence centers, law enforcement, the State’s Attorney Office and other allied partners. The Specialist works closely with other CCR project coordinators to ensure best practices to enhanced safety planning for survivors at potential risk of homicide and batterer accountability within systems. This job is based in Tallahassee, Florida and requires extensive in-state and limited national travel.

Please see the full description of InVEST Program Specialist for application instructions

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