A caucus represents disenfranchised and traditionally oppressed, frequently underrepresented groups of individuals. Caucus meetings provide an opportunity for caucus members to obtain support and work on issues to be brought forward to the entire FCADV membership. The caucus provides a common, collective voice to speak out for the caucus members.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What Caucuses are active with FCADV?

Six caucuses are active with the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence. They are as follows:

Caucus Closed /
Battered and Formerly Battered Women's Caucus Closed
Child Advocates Caucus Open
Hispanic/Latin Caucus Closed
Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Closed
Rural Caucus Open
Women of Color Caucus Closed

May anyone attend a Caucus meeting?

There are two types of caucuses, closed and open.

Four caucuses are CLOSED caucuses. A closed caucus means that only individuals who identify themselves as lesbian or bisexual women, women of color, Hispanic/Latin or battered/formerly battered women may attend their respective caucus. Individuals who do not identify as a member of one of the closed caucuses may not attend meetings and are asked to support and respect the privacy and confidentiality of the caucus members, their meetings and their meeting spaces.

The CLOSED caucuses are the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgender (LGBT), the Women of Color Caucus, Hispanic/Latin Caucus, and the Battered and Formerly Battered Women's Caucus.

Two caucuses are OPEN caucuses. Anyone may attend these caucuses if they wish to work on issues or be a voice on the issues.

The OPEN caucuses are the Rural Caucus and the Child Advocates Caucus.

How do we know about the work of the caucuses?

Each caucus elects a voting representative to the Board of Directors of the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The caucus representative has time on the agenda to make a report on the work of the caucus at each membership and Board meeting.

If I am interested in the work of a closed caucus may I attend to observe and learn?

The closed caucuses are closed for safety and support. You are encouraged to read and study the issues that may affect the closed caucuses. You may also talk with the elected representatives of the closed caucuses who may recommend reading materials or additional ways you can learn and be supportive of the work of the closed caucuses.

Child and Youth Advocate Caucus Information

Child and Youth Advocate Representative:
John Thomas
Outreach Child & Youth Advocate
(352)377-5690 Ext.505
(352)378-9033 Fax
Peaceful Paths Domestic Abuse Network, Inc
Gainesville, Fl 

The Child and Youth Caucus is a statewide coalition of activists concerned about children and youth affected by domestic violence, teen dating violence and sexual assault. As a group we work to provide resources, educational materials and assessment tools for domestic violence centers to use with their participants. The Child and Youth Caucus provides a forum to network, share ideas and to discuss innovative approaches and materials. The purpose of this caucus is to serve as a voice for those who work with or are concerned about children and youth and to encourage the development of resources and services that are appropriate for children and teenagers from violent homes. We are committed to building strong alliances with others that work to end oppression. In addition, we help organize and plan FCADV's Child and Youth Training Institute. The Child and Youth Caucus is open to anyone who is passionate about children and youth affected by domestic violence, teen dating violence and sexual assault. While many of our members work as child advocates at domestic violence centers, we also have representatives from Guardian ad Litem, community members and individuals from other agencies.

Battered and Formerly Battered Women's Caucus

Battered/Formerly Battered Women Representative:

Ta’Nika Ellington
Economic Empowerment Advocate
Financial Social Work Certification
office: 863-413-2701

The Battered and Formerly Battered Women's Caucus is made up of women who are interested in working together to promote the end of domestic violence. The caucus is an outlet for women working, volunteering or participating in a shelter program who have experienced violence, and for women who are not connected to shelters, but recognize that they have experienced domestic violence in their lives. The purpose of the caucus is to create opportunities for women to gain respect as the experts in their field of interest, as well as to develop leadership skills.

Hispanic/Latin Caucus

Hispanic/Latin Representative:
Emily Gilbert, Shelter Advocate
Sunrise of Pasco County
PO Box 928
Dade City, Fl. 33526
Administrative Number: 352-521-3358
Hotline Number: 352-521-3120

Mission Statement - The purpose of the Hispanic/Latin Caucus is to acknowledge the contributions and celebrate the anti-violence work of Hispanic/Latin Activists in the Battered Women's Movement. We, Hispanic/Latin Activists as descendants of many nations and tribes, will continue to strive and take pro-active steps to eliminate systemic barriers which include but are not limited to tokenism, racism and oppression that have served to silence the voices of Hispanic/Latin Activists within the Battered Women's Movement.

We ask that our voices, customs, traditions and ancestry be respected therefore, it is the position of the Hispanic/Latin Caucus that confidentiality and membership to the Hispanic/Latin Caucus be maintained and revered by non-caucus members.

Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgender (LGBT)


It is our goal to create safe and supportive forums that promote the visibility and empowerment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender individuals who work in this movement. Part of creating safe and supportive forums and of empowering Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender individuals who work in the Battered Women's Movement is providing for the confidentiality of its members and of other Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender individuals who work in and support the movement. Each individual must determine, based on their own experience, preference and situation, whether it is best for them to be "out". Therefore, it is the position of the caucus that confidentiality of membership be maintained and revered. It is also the position of this caucus that no Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender individual will be "outed" in any way by the members of the LGBT Caucus.

The Caucus is interested in building strong alliances with others that work to end oppression. We recognize that domestic violence is a form of oppression and we encourage accountability for those who perpetuate all forms of oppression.

The current projects of the LGBT Caucus include:

  • Membership - To increase the number of active caucus members.
  • Partnerships - To foster community partnerships with local LGBT agencies.
  • Training - To take an active role in our communities by offering trainings to agencies on LGBT Domestic Violence.
  • Membership Development - To hold a statewide institute for members.
  • Policy - To affect policy in our communities in regards to LGBT Domestic Violence issues.

Rural Caucus

Rural Representatives:
Hannah Fossette
Lee Conlee House P.O. Box 2558
Palatka, Fl 32178


The FCADV Rural Caucus is a statewide coalition of advocates and allied partners who have an interest in helping survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking.  The mission of the Caucus is to address the barriers which are unique to survivors living in rural communities through education and advocacy.  We believe our commitment to overcoming these barriers is a crucial step in ending violence against those living in rural communities and everywhere.  The Rural Caucus brings advocates and their community partners together to network, share ideas and to discuss innovative approaches and materials. 

The Caucus is open to those in the general public who have a passion to overcome barriers in rural areas.  Members may include domestic violence advocates, law enforcement, service providers and community allies.  

Women of Color Caucus

Women of Color Representative:
Crystal McFadden
Women of Color Caucus Chairwoman
P.O. Box 5365
Clearwater, Florida 33782

(727) 895-4912 ext. 132



Mission Statement - Our purpose is to provide a safe space, support and empowerment to women of color in the battered women's movement. It is our challenge to ensure that our issues are included within the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, in all areas of the battered women's movement and in our own society and to advocate for the women of color.

We are committed to women of color sharing in all levels of responsibility, all areas of program participation, and in their implementation. It is our challenge to further educate others and increase awareness of women of color. We also share in the responsibility to not accept racism and to work toward its elimination along with all forms of oppression.

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