Using Trauma-Informed Reflective Communication to Address Conflict September 14 2018

09/14/2018 - 9:30am to 11:00am

The idea of trauma-informed advocacy has been so widely discussed that the term has become a buzz-word. However, the process of carrying out trauma-informed work in the midst of our busy and stressful days is not yet routine for all of us. This webinar, which is intended for staff who work directly with survivors of domestic violence, will help advocates take another step toward trauma-informed advocacy. During this 90 minute session, attendees will hear how a reflective conversation approach can help to address conflict in ways that that are trauma-informed, and honor each person’s point of view, including the point of view of the person who is helping to address the conflict. There will be opportunities to describe and discuss a few participants’ real-world situations (while honoring confidentiality).


Terri E Pease, Ph.D.
Sr. Trauma Consultant National Center on DV Trauma and Mental Health

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