The Lull Overnight Training Series: Part Two: Enhancing Offender Accountability Through Report Writing March 17 2020

03/17/2020 - 3:00am to 3:30am
The Lull is a webinar series specifically geared toward night shift officers. During the implied quietest time of a patrol officer’s night, FCADV will be live presenting 30 minute webinars on various DV-related topics.


Part two of this webinar series discusses enhancing offender accountability through report writing. This training explores how patrol officers can significantly impact the strength of a criminal case through documentation in their reports. By understanding the importance of a well written report and what impactful details need to be included, this training teaches the patrol officer tips on writing a domestic violence report beyond the scope of just a memory refresher and into a document that is an impactful tool used for prosecution.

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