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The goal of ensuring long-term financial sustainability of life saving services for domestic violence survivors and their children requires the support of many. These individuals, organizations and corporations are key partners that are truly making a difference.
Email us and let us know you would like to make a difference in the lives of domestic violence survivors and their children. 

“The FCADV Foundation presents a groundbreaking vision to reduce dependence on government funding while ensuring that services remain available to domestic violence survivors and their children. Federal, state and local funding play a critical role in addressing domestic violence, but the key to ending this violence comes through our communities. It is incumbent on the private sector and our business community to step to the forefront as a key partner in the work to end domestic violence. As a business owner and Chair of the FCADV Foundation, I am honored to be a part of this important work.”
Lorna Taylor, President/CEO
Premier Eye Care

"During my time as First Lady of Florida, I visited domestic violence shelters throughout the state and spent significant time with women and children who fled their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Seeing firsthand the impact domestic violence has on our families and our children led me to want to be a part of the work to end the violence in our communities. "
Columba Bush
Former First Lady of Florida
Founding Member FCADV Foundation Board of Directors

“As the CEO of one of Florida’s 42 certified domestic violence centers, I see the incredible opportunity the FCADV Foundation provides from a statewide perspective to help ensure life saving services for domestic violence survivors and their children. We truly are building a foundation of hope and safety – together.”
Ellen Siler, CEO
Hubbard House

"I was fortunate to have actively participated on the Board of Directors of my community’s local certified domestic violence center and consider my service on the FCADV Foundation Board a natural extension. The FCADV Foundation works in harmony with Florida’s certified domestic violence centers­, a unique partnership that supports survivors and their children as they rebuild their lives and live free from violence."
Dr. Jay Dutton

"FCADV and Florida’s 42 certified domestic violence centers provide hope for a peaceful future to survivors of domestic violence and their children. The Foundation will help to ensure that regardless of changing political environments or economic downturns, survivors and their children will always have a safe place to turn to. I want to make a difference in the lives of domestic violence survivors and their children, I want to make sure there is always hope!"
Representative Loranne Ausley

“The Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence arms survivors of domestic violence with the tools they need to stop the cycle of violence and to regain control of their lives.  As a young prosecutor, I had the opportunity to see the real impacts of domestic violence on the lives of families and children.  Working on these issues in the U.S. Senate, I had the opportunity to shape legislation so that the best interests of survivors would be taken into account on the federal level.  There are innovative solutions that the Coalition is championing that I believe will become the national model for how to combat domestic violence. I could not be more excited to be a part of this.”
Leonard Collins, Esq.
Broad and Cassel

"There is nothing more important than human dignity, and nothing more critical to ensuring it than the collective will of society to ensure it."
Adam Goodman

"I began working with the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence while serving as Governor Bush's Chief of Staff and have continued to support their work ever since. From a policy perspective, I've seen firsthand the critical importance of a public policy that ensures the availability of programs, services, and resources to survivors of domestic violence and their children, and that holds perpetrators accountable for their violence. From a business perspective, I understand that policy alone is not enough. It takes the talent, commitment and resources from the private sector to truly create lasting change in our communities. The FCADV Foundation is a groundbreaking - first in the nation, statewide foundation designed to engage the private sector while reducing reliance on government resources."
Kathleen Shanahan
Chair and Chief Executive Officer | URETEK Holdings, Inc

“I believe that when we leave this earth, our legacy will not be what we accomplished in business, but in the lives we touch, and whether or not we made a difference for others. . . Let’s choose to make a difference today.”
Mike Sheely
Field Senior Vice President, Allstate Insurance Co., Florida Region

"I am honored to sit on the FCADV Foundation Board of Trustees. My goal is to continue to help the Coalition towards effecting positive change in our society in being the voice for those trapped in abusive situations. It is important to continue to support the 42 domestic violence centers across our State who work hard to help these victims and their children"
Senator Dana Young

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